Yohimbine Extract

The watermelon seed extract is sourced from Citrullus lanatus, which comes from the Cucurbitaceae family. The color of this extract is light yellow, packed with concentrated fatty acids in a 10:1 ratio. Extracted from the seeds using gas chromatography (GC), fatty oil is the active ingredient in this extract.This extract. This watermelon seed extract is also used in different types of products in different industries, like food beverages and pharmaceuticals. This extract is helpful for our well-being and maintains a healthy lifestyle.
Product Name: Citrullus lanatus
Botanical name: Citrullus lanatus
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Appearance: Light yellow fine powder
Specification: Fatty oils (10:1).
Active Ingredient: Fatty Oil
Part: Seed


Health Benefits of Watermelon Seed Extract

  • Watermelon seed extract's daily use helps prevent cancer, treat cancer, and also maintain overall well-being.
  • This exercise reduces the risk of heart attack and heart failure, maintains good heart health, and helps maintain heart function.
  • Watermelon seed extract helps manage good blood pressure and maintain hypertension, which helps our overall cardiovascular health.
  • In this extract, there is a rich quantity of antioxidants, which help manage stress and anxiety.

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