Calcium Sennosides

Calcium Sennosides, a natural remedy for enhanced digestion and holistic wellness, harnesses the benefits of calcium. This meticulously crafted supplement aids in bolstering optimal digestive performance, alleviating sporadic constipation, and encouraging consistent bowel regularity. Derived from the Cassia Angustifolia plant, Sennosides offer exceptional natural laxative attributes. This versatile and efficacious component is invaluable for the development of secure and efficient formulations.

Product Name:  Senna Extract
Botanical name: Cassia Angustifolia                                                                                   
Appearance:  Brown Yellow and fine powder
Specification: Sennoside 10%, 20% & 60%,
Active Ingredient: Sennosides
Packaging Type: UV & HPLC


Health Benefits of Calcium Sennosides:
Effective Laxative: Calcium Sennosides stimulate intestinal nerves, aiding bowel movement and relieving constipation for a smoother digestive experience.
Bowel Formation: They assist in forming well-structured bowels, promoting regularity, and preventing discomfort from irregular bowel movements.
Natural Irritation: Sennosides gently irritate the bowel lining, encouraging natural peristalsis and a healthy, non-habit-forming laxative effect.
Rapid Relief: Calcium Sennosides provide swift relief from constipation, making them a preferred choice for addressing occasional digestive issues.
Safe and Natural: Derived from the Senna plant, Calcium Sennosides offer a natural, non-toxic solution for managing constipation without harmful side effects.

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