Spirulina Organic Extract

Introducing Spirulian Planeness made with the Spirulina Organic Extract that is sourced by the depths of blue-green algae. As a part of the Spirulinaceae family, its active ingredient is primarily protein with 60% of ratio and also appear in bluish-green color. If you are focused towards your health and looking for the nutritious boost, then Spirulian Planeness is one of the best and preferred choice for you. And by including it into your diet you will be able to experience the goodness of nature in every scoop of it.
Product Name: Spirulian Planeness
Botanical name: Spirulian Planeness
Family: Spirulinaceae
Appearance:  Bluish green colour
Specification: 60% Protein
Active Ingredient: Proteins
 Blue-green algae source


Health benefits of Spirulina Organic Extract

  •  Nutrient-Rich: Spirulina is rich in various essential nutrients like fat soluble vitamins A, E and K. And these nutrients act as antioxidants that help in keeping your eyesight, skin and bones always healthy and also protect your cells from getting damage.
  • Protein Source: Spirulina Extract is the good source of protein that plays an essential role in building and repairing the tissues of the body. But you must have to note one thing that Spirulina does not contains all the amino acids that helps in the proper functioning of your body
    and especially if you have certain medical conditions like phenylketonuria.
  • Antioxidant Power: It is rich in antioxidants that help in dealing with the oxidative stress in the body by neutralizing all the harmful radicals which in turn also reduces the risk of chronic diseases and even supports your overall health.
  • Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Control: By including this into your diet, you will also be able to regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels properly. Because it works by improving the circulation and insulin sensitivity which even leads to better cardiovascular health and glucose metabolism.

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