Mucuna Extract

Mucuna Pruriens, also known as Horse-eye bean or Kaunch Beej, is a remarkable plant in the Leguminosae family. It undergoes a process to become a fine brown powder, with its main component, L-Dopa, making up an impressive 40% of its composition. This powerful ingredient, Levodopa, has been traditionally used for various health purposes. This botanical treasure is highly regarded for its potential health benefits and is an intriguing element in herbal remedies.

Product Name:
  Mucuna Puriens/Horse- eye bean
Botanical name:  Mucuna pruriens
Family: Leguminosae
Appearance: Brown Powder
Specification: L-Dopa 40 %
Active Ingredient: Levodopa
Packaging Method: HPLC


Heath benefits of Mucuna(Kunch Beej):
Energy Boost and Immune Support:  It enhances vitality and strengthens immunity, providing a natural energy lift for your day-to-day activities.
Cognitive Health Enhancement: It aids cognitive function, promoting mental clarity, focus, and better memory retention.
Enhanced Male Fertility: Mucuna, or Kunch Beej, is known for its role in improving male fertility and reproductive health.
Quality Sleep Improvement: It can help regulate sleep patterns and improve the overall quality of your restful nights.

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