Guggul Extract

Guggul Extract, derived from the Commiphora Mukul plant, is a brown powder that contains an important compound known as Guggulsterone. This valuable extract is obtained from the gum resins found within the tree's bark. Guggul Extract has a long history in traditional medicine and is now widely utilized in herbal and dietary supplements. Many individuals appreciate it for its potential health benefits, particularly in supporting overall well-being and metabolic health, making it a noteworthy ingredient in natural health products.

Botanical name:  Commiphora Mukul
Family: Burseraceae.
Appearance: Brown colour powder
Specification: Guggulsterone 2.5%
Active Ingredient: Guggulsterone
Test Method: HPLC


Health benefits of Guggul Extract:
Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory: This product offers strong defense against oxidative stress and helps decrease inflammation within the body.
Joint Flexibility Support: Guggul Extract aids in preserving supple and healthy joints, enhancing overall range of motion.
Skin Nourishment: It potentially contributes to the maintenance of vibrant and healthy skin.
Blood Pressure Control: Certain studies propose that it may aid in reducing elevated blood pressure levels, supporting heart health.

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