Ginger (Soth) Extract

Zingiber Officinalis, a member of the Zingiberaceae family, is renowned for its brown powder appearance and the presence of the active ingredient, Gingerols, at a concentration of 6%. This botanical extract is celebrated for its myriad health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. The high Gingerols content ensures that this product delivers the full spectrum of ginger's therapeutic effects.

Product Name: Zibgiber Officinalis
Botanical name:  Zibgiber Officinalis
Family: Zingiberaceae
Appearance: Brown Powder
Specification: Gingerols 6%  
Active Ingredient: Gingerols
Packaging Type: HPLC


Health benefits of Ginger (Soth):
Blood Sugar Control: Ginger helps regulate blood sugar levels, aiding in diabetes management and reducing the risk of complications.
Anticancer Properties: Its compounds have shown potential for inhibiting cancer growth and preventing the spread of cancer cells.
Osteoarthritis Support: Its anti-inflammatory properties can alleviate pain and improve joint function in osteoarthritis patients.
Headache Relief: Its ability to reduce inflammation can provide relief from headaches and migraines.
Cold and Throat Infections: It's anti-oxidant properties ease cold symptoms and soothe sore throats, providing comfort during infections.

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